Content Construction Kit (CCK)

The Content Construction Kit allows you create and customize fields using a web browser. The 4.7x version of CCK creates custom content types and allows you to add custom fields to them. In Drupal 5.x custom content types can be created in core, and CCK allows you to add custom fields to any content type.

Note on CCK D6 Update Status
The update for CCK that will work in Drupal version 6 is currently in HEAD. We will be creating a preliminary, development version for D6 soon, but no final release will be issued until the D6 version of Views is released and we can incorporate the Views changes into CCK's Views integration. The current code works fairly well for clean installations, but there are still some known problems with updates that are being investigated.

If you're interested in the status of the changes in CCK for D6, you can read CCK 6.x and Beyond. The issue where we will post when CCK D6 is ready is the Port to 6.x issue.

Important : 1.6 Security Release
The CCK 1.6 releases for the 4.7 and 5 branches fix two XSS (Cross Site Scripting) vulnerabilities in nodereference.module.
All sites using CCK / nodereference.module should consider upgrading to this release as soon as possible.
Security announcement: DRUPAL-SA-2007-019

Version Date Links
5.x-1.6-1 2007-Aug-16 Download · Release notes

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